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Stress = Misdirection of Energy


With Maria, compelling information, humor, situations and storytelling are used to inspire a more positive work environment through teamwork and laughter.

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Stress works against us to burden and shut down our work, creativity and even our social interactions. 

 The keys to success and productivity are already in your pocket. Let Maria show you the fun ways to reinvent the workplace. 

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As an award-winning speaker and innovator, Maria will bring new life and connection to your next event. Contact her to  design a workshop or presentation to fit your needs today.

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Stress is Inevitable

Stress is inevitable in every part of life, but there are ways to work with the stress in the office.

Let me show you  ways to destress your stress.  


What is Stress Doing To You?

A stressful situation can put your mind and body into a state of high alert. To conserve energy for a possible "fight or flight" scenerio, the body will shut down non-essential functions, such as digestion,the immune system, reproduction and the prefrontal cortex. (Without the prefrontal cortex, which is needed for rational thought, it is extremely hard to learn new things, focus on small tasks or work with others.)


Making Stress Work for You

Since stress will always be part of our lives, let me show you how to:

-lessen the effects of  stress

-laugh at your stress

- make stress work for you

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