Meet Maria

Learn stress-reducing techniques, grow individually & professionally, and do a little laughing.

For 20+ years Maria has been a technical writer. She consults with mid-large size companies and learns their hardware or software to write detailed manuals for internal or external needs. 

Because of her extreme attention to detail, Maria is able to integrate into companies and become part of various teams. She develops thoughtful materials that simplify and elevate learning for groups of all sizes. 

She's able to clarify complex issues to streamline learning. 

"In companies I've been in, I've seen stress negatively impact even the best teams. And while you can't run from stress, I've learned how to make stress work. And work specifically for you." 

Ten years ago, Maria took her consulting practice to Nashville as  a songwriter. And her favorite songs to write?  The ones that lifted and promoted the spirits and energy of her audience. 

"I found my gifts in laughter, and as a consultant, I leave all jobs and performances with a room full of new friends." 

Today, Maria is (still a technical writer), but spends the majority of her time traveling to speaking engagements where people want to learn various stress-reducing techniques, grow individually and professionally, and do a little laughing. 

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With high energy and humor, Maria uses her 20+ years of experience as a consultant with Fortune 500 and 100 companies to show that stress in the workplace is a misdirection of vital energy. 

Compelling facts, humor, and storytelling are used to inspire a more positive work environment through teamwork and laughter.

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